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  4. “already” vs. “yet”

It goes at the end of the sentence:. We don't live in England any longer. It wasn't safe to stay in the country any more. We use already to show that something has happened sooner than it was expected to happen.

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The car is OK. I've already fixed it. It was early but they were already sleeping. It was early but we were already tired. We are already late. Sometimes already comes at the end of the sentence for emphasis :. It's very early but they are sleeping already. It was early but we were tired already.

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When we got there, most people had arrived already. It was late, but they hadn't arrived yet. Have you fixed the car yet?

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She won't have sent the email yet. Dear Kirk and Peter, could you please say weather or not 'This project is worked on by him already' is correct? In terms of grammar, the sentence is correct.

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However, the sentence does not seem a natural sentence to me. I cannot think of a context in which we would use passive voice. Someone was considered to work on the project but, as far as I know, yet haven't not been able to start for some reasons, I say to the chairman: I would work on this project, He answers unexpectedly: The project is already worked on by him.

As I said earlier, though the sentence is not incorrect grammatically, it sounds highly unnatural. Hello, will you please make it clear if in 'With this behaviour that appears rehearsed, yet long forgotten, he never hits his marks', 'yet long forgotten' means 'but', 'so far', 'already' or 'not quite'?

I would rather think that 'but' or 'however' is what is meant. Am I right? Best Regrads, Oleg.

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Hope u have a blessful year. I once made this sentence in my essay : "These measures are thought to be less expensive yet effectively provide a direct benefit for Is it true that my original sentence was false?

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Thank you. There's a useful explanation of how to use 'yet' as a conjunction on this archived BBC World Service page that I'd suggest you take a look at. You could add 'can', as your friend says, but in my opinion it doesn't make a big difference. If I were writing the sentence you mention and I wanted to use 'yet', I'd probably say something like 'These measures are thought to be less expensive and yet directly benefit the villagers'. Or a version I like even better is 'Despite their lower cost, these measures directly benefit the villagers'. Hi there, Consider this "I will still be practicing law.

To get the lay of the land, I strolled Tomar's riverside.



Mid-river, a peaceful island with a pleasant park and a rebuilt medieval waterwheel shows off what must have been impressive technology in its day. The town's easy-to-navigate grid is a reminder that Tomar was a garrison town built to defend the castle. Children on bikes test their training wheels, pigeons strut as if they own the place, old-timers shake their heads at today's fashions, and tuk-tuk drivers hustle business negotiating short town tours on motorized rickshaws.

Since Tomar is inland, pork and beef are staples on any menu here. All over town, I noticed loaves of bread stacked into a very tall "crown," decorated with flowers.

“already” vs. “yet”

Thanks to this tradition, expect fantastic bread with any meal here. Sip a glass of local Tejo wine or try a Portuguese craft beer as you take in the warmth and history right beside you. Towering above Tomar is its castle, with an Oz-like oratory built years ago. This circular chapel is where knights would go to be blessed before battle as they defended Portugal against the Moors, protected pilgrims heading for the Holy Land, or championed Portugal in the Age of Discovery. The Knights Templar was a rich organization — both as a popular Christian charity and as originator of Europe's first great banking system.

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Pilgrims from western Europe would deposit their money with the Templars before leaving home, were given a "check" safer than cash to travel with , and could make withdrawals along their pilgrimage as they ventured east. You could call the Templars the first multinational corporation. When pilgrims died on their journey, which was all too common, the Templars kept their estate. When banking, always read the fine print!